Rotation-Resistant Ropes

Rotation-resistant ropes can frequently provide the best and most economical service in specific applications when you choose, handle and use them properly.

Contra-helically laid, rotation-resistant ropes are different from standard ropes because they’re designed to reduce rope torque. Modes of failure and wear for rotation-resistant ropes can differ from those for standard rope constructions. The very nature of these ropes requires special handling, selection and usage not encountered with standard constructions. They are susceptible to kinking, crushing and unbalancing in the form of “core pops” and “birdcages.” Use extreme care to avoid operational practices that can possibly lead to these conditions.

Flex-X® 35
Tower crane and other long fall hoisting applications require superior rotation resistance and minimum torque—qualities you will find with the latest addition to our family of rotation resistant wire rope, Flex-X 35. It is a Category 1 rotation resistant rope.
Flex-X 35’s unique design minimizes load-induced torque and rotation of the rope.

Rotation-Resistant Ropes
Minimum Breaking Force and Weights for Flex-X®35

Diameter Approx.
Wt./100 ft
Breaking Force
(tons of 2,000 pounds)
*16 0.85 30.6
*19 1.22 42.9
22 1.65 57.2
*25.4 2.19 75.8
*26 2.30 79.3
*28 2.67 91.6
*30 3.08 105
32 3.50 119