XLT4 – Loadstar Wire Rope

What sets XLT4 Loadstar wire rope apart is its unique design. Our PowerSteel Technology double packs more high-tensile steel wire into the rope’s diameter, giving XLT4 one of the highest strength-to-diameter ratios ever achieved — with a minimum breaking force 33% higher than standard 6-strand XIP ropes.

Under load, XLT4 generates near-zero torque, matching or surpassing the stability of Category 1 35×7 class rotation-resistant wire ropes. Yet, thanks to its unique design, XLT4 is not classified as a “rotation-resistant” rope. You can use it with or without a swivel as a mobile crane hoist rope at design factors as low

XLT4 – Loadstar Wire Rope
Minimum Breaking Force and Weights for Rotation Resistant and Low Torque Crane Ropes

Diameter Approx.
Wt./100 ft
Breaking Force
(tons of 2,000 pounds)
1/2 0.51 17.7
9/16 0.65 22.3
5/8 0.79 27.4
3/4 1.10 39.2
7/8 1.50 53.0
1 2.10 68.9
1-1/8 2.60 86.7