Properties of these Nylon Web Slings:

  • Resistant to alkalies
  • Untreated-approx. 6% stretch, treated-apporx. 10% stretch at rated capacity
  • Temperature limit is 180°F

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Bridle slings are made with lengths of wire rope, synthetic webbing or chains attached to a top point and are designed to lift items that have fixed lifting points. This configuration offers a higher weight capacity and better distribution of weight during the lift. The legs (2, 3, or 4) of a bridle sling can accommodate a wide variety of end fittings, the most common being hooks, sewn loops, or links.
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Wire Rope Slings are the most common and lowest cost per ton of lift of all slings. Wire Rope Slings
provide the strength and sturdiness required for lifting those tough loads. Used in the construction industry and
other industries where heavy loads and rugged conditions exist. Available in many configurations with a variety of
end fittings, Wire Rope Slings can be the solution to your load lifting requirements.
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The Atlas high perfomance Sling is made with Spectra and other fibers. The Fibers are enclosed in 2 durable color contrasting jackets. This allows the user to notice any tears in the jacket.

  • Less than 1% stretch at full capacity
  • Durable 2-ply sleeve protects inside fibers
  • Easy to handle, store, and transport
  • Slings are repairable
  • LA fraction of the weight of steel chokers

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This is a general purpose sling. It is adaptable for basket and straight pull hitches. This type of sling is used more widely than any other type of sling for general materials handling. In sizes of 1″ diameter and up, you should be buying TRI-FLEX®SLINGS. They are economical, light and flexible. See Table of Contents.
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  • The most flexible style of sling
  • Less rigging weight
  • Easy handling
  • Wear points can be shifted to extend life
  • Color-coded capacity indication
  • RED core warning fibers

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Grommet Slings can be fabricated in very short circumferences. The reason is this: Grommet Slings are made from one continuous length of strand or wire rope. This requires only one tuck-in point as compared with six tuck-in points needed to manufacture an endless sling.

Grommets made from strand are called Rope Grommets — and are used for high resistance
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Slings are designated throughout the industry by the symbols First Symbol (Basic Type)S Single Chain Slings with master link and hook, or hook each end. C Single Choker Chain Sling with master link each end. No hooks. D Double Chain Sling with standard master link and hooks.
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